1. Technical services to be performed on request.

Raptor Integration Inc. will perform the following services on a requested basis:

• Maintain and repair existing workstations, peripherals and servers

• Install and maintain the server backup system, including daily monitoring and a monthly verification.

• User and security setup and administration.

• Phone support and emergency on site work as necessary.

• Upgrade workstations and servers.

• Move, setup and maintain printers.

• Install and configure software.

• Uninstall and remove software as directed by customer.

• Configure and maintain virus protection software.

• Insure that proper firewalls and routers are in place.

• Insure that the server is in a secure environment.

• Periodically run software to check for security holes in firewall and network.

• Liaison with current 3rd party suppliers in support of overall system stability and performance.

Source and supply required hardware for upgrades and replacement of existing system

2. Consulting services performed on request

• Maintain a prioritized hit list of tasks to be performed subsequent to *Client* approval.

Development of the IT roadmap and including cost/benefit analysis in areas of IT opportunity.

• Be a technical advisor between the client and software and hardware vendors.

Supply hardware as required

• Document and maintain current and future network and computer environment

• Assist with IT policies and procedures

Raptor Integration Inc.